Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 50

Week 50

Dear Family and Friends sorry about no letter last week on top of internet problems we unfortunately found out that my companions mother passed away. We went to our head quarters in Naga city so I was busy in my district leader role. So this week has been kind of rough coping with the loss and stuff. But now we are starting to get better and he's doing great. I'm super proud to be his companion and to be serving with him at this time in his life and to help him. But this week has been good. On Wednesday we were able to go to our far area and to start looking for less actives and to teach them. So we got 2 lesson from less actives who haven't been to church in like 10 years thats a pretty good accomplishment. Funny thing too, Elder Teitawana ripped his pants. So at the house we were at there are no chairs and they just sit on logs or big boulders and he went to pick up a boulder and his pants just ripped all the way down the middle. Then we were walking home because after 6:30 there is no more tricy services so on the way home we ran into a member and he told us to come to his house and eat some dinner so that was a blessing! We got to watch some Prince of Persia it was weird to watch or hear American people talking, usually its Tagalog or Bicol that I don't completely understand. The next day we went to an even farther area and basically got no lessons and there is no tricey service there so its walking all the way and walking all the way back. But earlier we had a good district meeting.  
We did teach a former investigator and she is still really interested in the teaching so we got a return appointment later in the week to go back to her. Its sort of difficult because she wants to listen but her husband doesn't really want to. After that we went to a really nice area to teach a recent convert, beautiful area and nice people and for the first time I saw something that sort of looks like a horse, but really looks like a mule. Not sure what it was. LOL Later on on Friday night we went and had a dinner appointment at the Padernal house and just hung out. Later  this week they are going to teach me how to make Filipino port steak so I'm a little excited. We ended up going  back to the far area and taught a less active family a great lesson. Everyone really felt the spirit testify to them, and its was the sons 18th birthday the next day and what do you know the son ends up going to church! Estig!! So I was really excited about that. Church was great, we taught a new investigator that a member brought to church so we received a new investigator and later on last night we gave a baptismal invitation to a boy for March 29 so I am excited about that.  This week has been good even though it got off to a rough start. It just goes to show that obedience to the Lord pays off! It's really freaking hot now and humid so its officially summer. Last night we also had a dinner appointment and that was fun. I also talked to a recent returned missionary who served in Quezon city north we were talking about mission experiences and I found out he knows some of my friends serving there so it was funny talking about them. But I am really missing home, but I am continuing to enjoy my mission experience here in the Philippines. only got 10 more months left and I am going to make the most of it. Thank you for all the letters that you continue to send to me I love you all. Sorry no pictures the computer I am using won't send them..I will try again next time.

Salamat ulit
Elder Llorens

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