Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 55 - Hot, Hot, Hot

Week 55

 Internet connection problems again, no pictures this week. But this was a solid week to be a missionary. We were able to baptize one of our investigators this last Saturday and we had one of our recent  baptize his own son so that was a special moment for the family and also for me. It was a really awesome day and we had a lot of missionaries come to support us as well, so our missionary district rocks.  On Saturday the chapel was not prepared at all for the baptisms  and there was no water in the baptismal font for the baptisms,  so we were hurrying trying to figure it out. So 2 hours later we had 2 great baptisms.Unfortunately I am sick again with a sore throat so this is starting to kill me especially with the hot summer weather. We were also really happy that 2 of our less actives that haven't gone to church in 8 months finally came. One is blind so I can understand why it can be hard for her, but it was great how they showed their faith to come to church even when we changed church times from around lunch to the early morning.  This week has been great for work. But like I said no more rain just super hot and  humid and yup.............. Sweat..... yummay. But its been a fun week, now I am just adjusting to my new companion. Funny thing since our support didn't come in on last Monday on Tuesday we came to Goa to withdraw and saw like 10 other missionaries and just said hi and we all ate lunch so it was fun to see some friends in the mission and I even got to see Elder Teitawana. But the work is good, we were able to get a good referral from different missionaries and we tried to contact the people the first time but they ignored us but the second time they told us to come in and we shared a great message with them about families because this young lady is getting ready to have a baby and actually the young lady is a member but a little less active. Funny thing, I have been wearing my sunglasses this whole week and everyone is wanting me to give them my ray bans and I'm like no.... these are my precious. Guess I could make a killing selling knockoffs! But yeah it so hot it's hard  to think about anything else. Earlier today we played some sweet volleyball. Later today we are going to a family home evening at one of the less actives houses that came to church yesterday. I am excited for this upcoming week I'll be able to see a lot of my friends on Wednesday for zone training and on Saturday and Sunday we get to watch the General Conference at our stake center here in Goa. So this week is going to be fun. But thanks again for all the emails and I should probably go ahead and say happy Easters!!! and Happy birthday Rebecca!! And unfortunately I did no pranks on the 1st, the Filipinos wouldn't get the joke....  thanks again for the emails and the love. hope you all have a good week!
Ingat sa susunod lunes!!!! salamat ulit.
Elder Llorens

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