Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 56

Week 56

Hey hows its going!!!! So this week was pretty solid. On Monday night we went over to a less actives house and ate food there and played games, so we helped build a really great relationship with them, we are going to go back to them tomorrow morning. So we planned on going to our investigators house on Tuesday morning but they weren't there so we decided to go to a less actives house. So while at a less actives house I saw people that I haven't met or recognized before. SO i find out its a mom and some sons that are members. The sons lives in Naga but now is back from school, but the mom lives abroad because she works in Dubai. Anyways we taught them together and it was a good lesson and now we have new people to visit during the week! Hopefully we can bring them back to church. But it was cool to speak to a Filipino that wanted to speak English to me. But later on during the week we taught some of our less actives and investigators. On Wednesday we had zone conference and it was combined with  another zone So I got to see all of my friends and it was nice.... we all sat and hung out together.... its funny how we look forward to things like this once a transfer hahaha. I got to see my old companions and other old roommates so it was fun. After that the next day we walked really far in the nice humid heat to an out lying area and walked all the way back. So I ran out of money this week, but this is probably one of the reasons that I have run out of money/support. It was Elder Feiloagia and Elder Jalocons birthday so those 2 days so we had a party for them. We made some bicol express fish and we treated ourselves to ice cream. It was great until we ran out of money today. The highlight of my week was seeing all my friends again on Saturday and Sunday for General Conference. I was really impressed with the talks this conference and very much enjoyed them all. But the best one I think for me was the a talk given to us by Henry B. Eyring for us to be a good role model. He asked a great question about "who our Hero is". and basically depending on who we surround ourselves with is basically how we will want to be when we grow up. Consciously and subconsciously.But it reminded me how I should be a better role model to those who are younger than me and I can start by doing it here in the Philippines. I hope I can encourage young men here to have a desire to live great lives and to one day go on a mission and to feel/ understand more about our Savior Jesus Christ. But this can apply to anyone not just those of our faith... "Who is your Hero" And "how are you when others are around"?
To add to this week it is really really hot and humid.... its raining right now and I am in a mini computer shop with out any air circulation..... so once again super sweaty....ewww. But yeah it was sort of cool to see what they do for palm Sunday here..... they get palm tress and decorate them and obnoxiously walk in the middle of the street ( my location only).... but they believe it brings good luck and then they put it in their houses.... so thats the cool thing that I saw this week.
But  I just want to say to everyone again who emails me ..... thank you ,you are amazing for taking time out of your day to write a little letter to me. I hope all is well and I hope you all have an great Easter Sunday!
Elder Seth Llorens

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