Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 64

Week 64

The Tower Burger

Another really great week. We had 25 lessons this week. We started out good, we tried going to a less active house but she wasn't there so we went to a different one and when we went to the second one she had a friend there that is not of our faith and we were able to share with her and it turned out to be a good lesson. We asked her if we could teach her again and she said yes. She said she really admired that we always walk to all of our appointments even when its really hot or when there is a typhoon outside. So she said when ever shes not busy we can go over and teach her. So that was pretty nice to hear someone say that. I guess people do notice us. But yeah this was a really good week we worked hard. I went on exchanges with my zone leaders on Friday and that was good fun; played some monopoly deal that was really fun also. I also got a package from my Aunt Cara and that was really good! I got 4 big bags of beef jerky and a huge thing of trail mix. We also had a really good family home evening at a less actives house and we invited all the members in the area to  come and it turned out to be a good lesson and the food was way good but the walk home almost killed us but it was worth it. We were able to have 2 of our investigators come to church as well. So really happy about that and we have a couple that are progressing and hopefully are getting closer now to baptism. I also ordered an ab wheel so I am planning on getting some rock hard abs, lol. Pray for me... but can't believe its already June. Time is going by super fast now and the weather was cold one day but then it got super hot again.  A big congratulations to my cousin Jase, he just got married so can't wait to see the family when I get home. We had a lot of fish this week for some reason but its been good. This week coming up is going to be even better. Tomorrow we have another family home evening, this time at our recent converts house and on Thursday we are going to the other elder's area with other members of the ward to find and teach less actives. I am looking forward to it because its right next to the beach and on Saturday and Sunday we have Stake Conference so this weeks work is going to be less but still a lot of good things happening.  I also find out on Saturday if I am going to be transferred or not but I have a feeling I am, I've been in this area for 6 1/2 months now. But yeah still having an awesome time here. Thank you all for all the emails and letters that are awesome and encouraging. Also good luck to those who have finals I'm glad I ain't you. but thanks a lot and I'll talk to you all again next week again


Elder Llorens

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