Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 67

Week 67

Hello. So this week has been really rough for me, I have been sick for most of this week because of the unclean water here. The week started off pretty good, but by Thursday night I felt like I was getting dengue fever. I had a fever and I was having some really bad chills, I couldn't sleep because I was shivering so bad. But the next day I had to give a presentation for our little zone (Tigaon zone). So I pretty much just winged it. (but not to bad) I also got a chance to talk to my mission president and his wife. We were spoiled with a home made chocolate chip cookie..... I ate mine so fast I thought some one stole it. :O But later that day I tried working....bad idea. I got the worst headache, mostly because of dehydration and not eating any good food. I am too scared to drink out of the water filter so now I am just buying big jugs of water and I am going to have to start to boil my water to be extra cautious. 

Where I pump water and do laundry

So yeah my stomach has been killing me the past couple of days but its better today. But all during the week, we made hand out flyers for a open house on Saturday  we handed out almost 200. When it came to the actual time for our open one showed up. So we basically invited anyone we saw to come in and learn a little more about us. So we had a whole total number of 3 people. But it was good a effort and a lot of good effort from the ward that helped support us.

This is where we hold church meetings

Sunday was the first day I went out and worked again after I got sick. We are hoping for one of our investigators to get baptized this week but her husband doesn't want her to. So the baptism that we were hoping for isn't looking like its going to happen this week. So we are trying our best and will continue to keep teaching and finding people to teach. So hopefully this week coming up will be better and we can find more new people to teach. But thanks everyone for your support and I hope you all have a great 4th of July and also hopefully team USA can win their match in the world cup this week. Okay thank you all again and ill talk to you soon.

My office with homey touches...

Elder Llorens

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