Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 37 Thanksgiving

Week 37 - Thanksgiving

Hello fan club! Well I survived our Thanksgiving meal, I almost went into cardiac arrest from all the fried chicken we made. We bought like 5 kilos of chicken for fried chicken+ 3kilos of potatoes for mashed potatoes and everything  was glorious! AHHH.. but yeah I had like a MSG over load and like I said I almost died, no joke my left arm went numb for a little. Little scary! LOL So my first Thanksgiving away from home  wasn't so bad and  guess what? I went  to the lamest hole in the wall grocery store and they had one more Martenelli's Apple cider just for me! I would like to say I shared but…. I chugged it in like 30 seconds the was the second glorious thing I had. But, you bet I had a killer upset stomach. So the week was pretty normal but  Thanksgiving was a blast a lot of food and  it was super cool to have 6 roommates so we had fun cooking the food and just messing  around. 
Me and Elder Johnson were studs! He is doing really good for his 4th week out in the mission field. We have a  blast going out and getting the"Hey Joe" "where are you going?" This is what the filipino people yell at us. So yeah all the Filipinos like to share there English with us every chance they get so its a good opportunity for us as well. But we have a great time teaching the less actives in our area. the really hard thing for them is they have a good testimony of the gospel, but they are unable to come to church due to the lack of money  Elder Johnson and I understand this, so we try as hard as we can to share a powerful message with them. It's a real bummer, but we try to encourage them as much as possible and just try to explain to them that the light will break brightly soon after their trials and problems are over. They are great people and they always show me how life is suppose to be lived. Its going to be a sad day when Im  heading home on that big plane, too many great memories happened here with these great people, while trying to make the best of it. 
 I got a huge package from the family and friends, Daw so yeah I want to open all your presents everyone but I promised mom I won't but I don't know how long I can keep that promise, hahah just kidding mom. But yeah not a really good one this  letter this week,but hey I'm trying. 
I  am trying to remember that my job is to preach the gospel and help the people come closer to god and I notice it all comes first through me and then each of them. For those that are not of our faith and are reading this I have a powerful testimony that prayer works, that our father in Heaven loves each one of us and has a personal plan for us, even if we don't deserve his love he is always there, willing to listen and help us, but first we need to ask in faith and then the blessings and help from heaven will come to us and give the answer and comfort that we need. I prayed so much before my mission but I don't think I ever really noticed it. But here I have noticed something and that  is that he does listen and does answer but in his own time. Funny thing you can laugh at me for was that it rained like all this week so yup i was walking through all these puddles and ended up ruining all my shoes basically because they all have holes in them, I was walking in water up to my ankles so I guess its my fault. I guess... any ways that's all i got for this week, miss you, love you and I get super excited when I get emails from you. I'll talk to you all soon.
Elder Llorens,,,,,, POGI hhahahahahahahasahajfklasdjflsadfjsda;fkljsdf  no translation (just for you mom!)

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