Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 36

Week 36

The Gang

Well I got chastised on saying  "this week was another good one".... So i guess I'm not allowed to say that one anymore, thanks Mom! So well astig yung linggo na ito nagkaroon tayo ng transfers. (no translation) Soooo i got a new companion....My new companion from a 1st round pick (out of 10) , of the 2013 November transfers is Elder Johnson from Ogden Utah!

So I guess they trust me a lot to help train new Americans for some reason, the last one I trained got dengue fever they are just gambling on me I guess….its because of my sick understanding of the tagalog language, I'm sure! Any way he's tight he's a white boy standing like 5'' 9 wears glasses and is pretty smart dude... but he's good, he helps me a lot especially during the lessons so it was a worthy draft pick! 

So we were privileged to hang out with one of my other yogis here in the mission Elder Hausia who stands 6'' 3 200 something from San Fransisco and is my Tongan brother; he's freaking funny. We got to hang out with that guy for 2 days Tuesday-Thursday and that was a blast! I had him cook for me we made some spam with eggs Hawaiian style and I nearly had a cholesterol attack. That was super good and he made some other great good for us; yum! I love Elders that can cook.  Elder Johnson and I  finally got out on our own and made the attack on our areas. We did good! We already did some contacting and got some return appointments. Elder Johnson is really eager to go out so he brings a lot to the table and he's really good teaching lessons; all I have to do is help him with Tagalog. So we got some new missionaries in our house; Elder Sornenson from Utah is our new zone leader and me and him are now buds. And  Elder Jocabson, who I served with in Sipocot a long time ago and are together again... small world no joke… 

But it's basically full blast Christmas here now in Naga. Everyone has their little Christmas lights out now. And I'm like what the heck this week is Thanksgiving where is my glorious Turkey, potatoes and pie? We are planning on just having fried chicken... I lose hahaha. But yeah all I have is like a year left so that's the motivation. It is cool looking at all the new missionaries,  they look like babies, (haha) but they are tight. I know how that was and its weird to think I'm somewhat older now in the mission. But its cool helping them out. This morning we played some basketball, long story short I did the sickest steal ever basically a no-look (using the force) and doing math in my head like Sherlock Holmes and stole the ball. In the end after I stole it and scored I looked at my hand and had 2 purple fingers and 2 bleeding finger nails so that's a real bummer. Somethings never change huh? But "buhay pa"… I'm still alive. I have  a fresh missionary haircut because we have interviews with  President Reeder on Wednesday so I look like a fresh dork right now, Ha ha. 

The cool spiritual thing for this week came yesterday when 3 young men  said they wanted to work with us. Obviously I'm not perfect in Tagalog and like everyone I have weakness… (see Ether 12:27: "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I  give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." ). But it was cool to me  that the 3 men were able to come and work with us and of course speak perfect Tagalog, but back it up in Bicolano (another language) there are so many different languages;  that the Gospel will roll forth to all languages, tongues and people.

Even when I was getting my haircut Manny (the Pac-man) Pacquiao was giving the glory to God for the fight and is going to end up giving his winnings to all the people that were affected by the typhoon. But its cool that everyone has a focus and that's God in their lives. And I'm helping them find that and helping them choose the right in their lives. People say they really enjoy what I'm doing here, honestly I'm just doing what Jesus did.  I've made mistakes in my life but that is forgotten as soon as we realize why we are here and what our purpose is. After we realize that we're good, but we have  to maintain that happiness and endure to the end to receive all the blessings.  A challenge for you especially for this week of "Thanksgiving" look for the good in our lives instead of demanding the things we want.  God gives us challenges and trials in our life, but he knows what he's giving us, he just knows we can handle  the burden and he knows it'll bless us later on down the road.

That is my peace for this week. Thanks everyone for your nice emails; love you all and of course I miss you. Feel free to send me a surprise turkey  the address is 39 panganiban naga city 4400 cam sur........................................................................................................................................................
okie dokie mga kaibigan pakidala ninyo and mag packages sa akin na mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat.
astig Peace !!!!!!!!!!!...............
ELDER POGI.......>> Elder Seth Joaquin Llorens

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