Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 34

Week 34

So just want to say that I am safe here in the city and that the storm went around us. Thankfully we were prepared and protected. So there are a lot of deaths in Leyte and Tacloban and Capiz, we call theses areas "visaya". These areas were completely demolished. So sad to see people with nothing lose what little they had. My first trainer Elder  Parohinog's family lost there house.  His family is in the area that was hit the worst. He was able to contact some of his family but still has a brother and his brothers family unaccounted for. When the storm was heading towards us we were were told to stay in doors but its hard to sit and do nothing so we  ended up  going out with our supply elders and finance elders to stock new apartments for new missionaries. We felt service was what we needed to do. But when we left there was a black out for the whole Bicol region and when we got back it was still going. We went out to get food but there were no restaurants open... only Starbucks ( yes starbucks!) so i got a peppermint hot chocolate and it was absolutely glorious. That Night I watched a church movie called Ephriams Rescue and it was really good it was about a man called Ephraim Hanks who helps rescue hand carters that are stuck in a trail during the winter.  It was awesome to see the miracles performed while  rescuing them.  

 But yeah I am thankful for the safety here in my mission. I heard that all of the missionaries in the affected areas are going to manila to wait until the calamity passes. I guess there are a lot of riots and it is not safe for us. I Hope every one is praying for the Philippines right now. We need the help now.  We hope that our continued service to the filipino people will soften their hearts and they will be made ready for the gospel. So many needs can be met just by having  faith in the Savior.  This is a terrible time for these people, it is hard to be so close to this kind of suffering. 

 Next week is transfers again so we will see what happens, if I leave or stay this one is a 50/50 gamble I don't know how its going to be. But where ever I go I will be happy doing what the Lord needs me to do. The cool thing is we got a new investigator this week and shes really nice.  We also had an investigator come to church so there is some progress this week. This has been a good transfer with Elder Relf, I feel I really grew. When you become a trainer for a new missionary you become more responsible and you literally feel older I'm pretty sure I have a couple of white hairs because of this stress but its all good. Life is hard here for me,  but I have just decided to take it one step at a time and just smile and own it. 

SO far we have been getting lucky with some good food, we had Gabi leaves with fried little fish last night and it was great. Earlier today got to play some volleyball and of course I dominated.  I also got a really gnarly tan, I basically look black i don't know if that good or bad I'll let you decide. I hope everyone is well at home I constantly think of everyone and how they are doing. I hope life is treating you good. As for me I'm loving it. thanks to all of you for the emails they are encouraging and inspiring. I love you all and hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Llorens 

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