Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 33

Week 33

So this week was different we were able to witness Halloween and all souls day Filipino style. We had to have curfew because there were a lot of drunk crazy people, especially in our area becasue  we have the 2 biggest cemeteries in all of Naga.  What they do is go to the cemeteries and  basically have a celebration like 4th of July, Picnics, drinking and hanging out with all of their family and friends. I was able to buy some candy at the mall so we stayed in and  had fun. 
 We were able to finally work this week. Elder Relf is at full health. The work is good we were able to give a baptismal invitation to one of our investigators and she accepted and we are still contining to teach one of our other Investigators and hopefully we can give her a baptismal invitation this week as well. We have been talking to people and trying to get return appointments with them. The work has been hard there have been  days that we were only able to get like 1 Lesson in. But a lot of good has been happening behind the scenes. We're trying to work out making a group in one of our areas so people don't have to travel as far. The members are really nice here, later tonight we have a family home evening and then also on Wednesday. Later on this week we have zone training so we'll be able to see all of the missionaries in our zone. But yeah its fun going out and trying to talk to people. I have never talked to this many people before in my life and the weird thing is its in a different language, kind of cool.  We had a couple of our investigators hide from us so that's a little depressing, but that's life as a missionary. 
Transfer announcements are next week and I will find out if I'm transferred or my companion is. Most likely I'm going to train again. I really want a Filipino comapnion so I can better my language skills and also they are legit cooks, lol.
 I have been working out quite a bit and been trying to diet but its no fun trying to do all this stuff and waking up at like 630 am. You literally feel like you just took a nap and you wake up and its the next day and you basically start it all over again. Earlier today I played some basketball of course and I also ate some pig brain, yeah pig brain there really isn't any taste but  its no double double from In-N-out. I was able to work with some members yesterday and try to get them excited about home teaching. And I forgot about this earlier but when we went to a less actives house the tatay (father) told me to sit on a stool looking thing as soon as I sat on it it almost broke, I used my cat like reflexes to get off before I full broke it, but it definitely did crack. (back to the diet!)  I also caught a fish in the rice fields. I used my cat like reflexes and just grabbed it like Mr. Miagge from karate kid, hmm wrong country but you get my drift. But yeah hopefully this week will be better and we can get some good lessons in.  As always thank you for the emails and love you all.
Ingot kayo
Elder Llorens

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