Friday, December 27, 2013

Week 40 - Christmas Week

Week 40

Christmas Party

Maligayang Pasko... Merry Christmas.
Really fun week everyone. On Thursday we were able to have all the missionaries in this area come to one of the church buildings. There were about 200 plus missionaries all there so we started out just by watching a little movie and than afterwards we had a talent show. So me and all the missionaries in my little district decided to sing some Christmas songs, but yeah you know me I wanted to spice some things up so we sang Feliz navidad as our last song, and everyone loved it ! We all got fake mustaches and wore them and another sister got me a sombrero so…. I basically looked like a real When I was at home I made some Maraca's as well, I just used an empty jar of peanut butter and filled it up with rice. I'll try and get some pictures of that to you later, but yeah everyone was just laughing and having a good time with us. Than me and some other missionaries took some pictures with the California flag that my mom sent  so that was awesome as well. But the best was just talking to everyone that I hadn't seen in a long time. This week has been a little slow but we were able to at least drop in on a few people and wish them a Merry Christmas. Not a ton of Christmas lights but there are enough you just need to go to a busy street to see them. So on the way to the Party a bunch of college students flagged us down and wanted to do an interview with us because we are american . So the next day we went to the University of Saint Isabela for a care taking class and we did a Q and A interview and it turned out to be fun. We were in a class with about 15 students and we were able to talk about life back home and a lot about the Church so that was a really awesome experience for us and them. 

Not much planned for Christmas we have been trying to get some dinner appointments so I think it's going to be a good week for that. Later today we have an appointment , so hopefully all will work out. Another funny thing is that there are a lot of little kids going around at night time caroling to get some candy, so that's fun, making them sing to you. Earlier we played some basketball with some young men in our church it was fun... I got 5 three pointers so I have been improving. But Its been a great experience to be here in the Philippines during this time of my life. A lot has happened since being here for me and I'm sure for all who are reading it. Hate to say it but I know if I was at home right now not much would be going on in my life, so I am glad with my decision to go and serve. I'm also glad for the spirit of Christmas and the time I get to spend with different families and get to help them bring Christ into their lives. It shows me how to make my life better and make my self a better person. But I am grateful for my family and the friends who make my life awesome and great, Thanks again for the presents , I can't wait to open them and have some fun with them. I hope you get to spend some time with your families on Christmas and get to feel their love for you and vice verse. But Salamat again for everything, everyone. You are all great and I Wish you a Merry Christmas from here in the Philippines.

Your favorite missionary….Elder Seth "POGI" Llorens

Elder Seth "POGI" Llorens  

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