Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 39

Week 39

The Centro

So this week was fun we were able to do a service project  for an elementary school. We woke up at 6 got to our jeepney terminal at 7 and went to San Fernando.  Our job was to cut grass and make fences for newly planted trees so we show up and I guess they forgot to tell us that the playing field  where all the kids play and where we were gong to work is flooded. So we all got a little muddy really quick but it was fun and we got a ton of work in and completed everything before lunch. We also got to talk and play with all the kids they are super goofy and funny so we had a good time with all of them. My favorite one was this little special kid that kept asking me for food and wanting to help me make some fences. At the end I gave some food to him and gave some of the kids my candy goodies. They were way  fun hoping we get to  do that again before I leave.

 So  you know when ever jeepneys are involved the fun starts and you know, we went jeepney surfing! Then went home and crashed, my legs are still sore from that. So this week was good we found a part member family  and we tought the father that isnt a member and that was one of my best lessons. I felt something so good because I was just telling him how much this would bless his family and that he could be united forever with them and be so much happier.  I ended up giving him a baptismal invitation like 10 mins. in to the lesson thats how good it felt. He's a dad and  just thinking of it, every dad on the earth should want what we are  teaching here. So I just basically had a really great and spiritual lesson and it felt great there's no better feeling after those lessons. basta!
 we also had fun last night we watched the first presidency's Christmas message to us and afterwards we partied... alright we really just went to the Centro and took some pictures with all the Christmas lights. But there was a big party there. We took some pictures with the local police and just enjoyed the environment. but thats about it for me this week. The great message for this week is to enjoy the Spirit of Christmas now and when its over and to remember what Jesus Chirst has done for all of us and contiually does for everyone. Okay everyone I Love you and will talk to you all soon.

Local Police

 the POGI man  Llorens

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