Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 5 4/15/13

GOOD Morning America.

Its 9:00am here Monday morning. This is week was kind of short and not too exciting. Monday morning last week some members of the church wanted to play basketball with them so I said okay this was Sunday night at the time. At 5 in the morning we hear knocking at our apartment and I was like "what the";  it was the Pinoys they were already to play basketball and I was like no comeback at 7am; went back to bed.

Knocking again 6am "okay I’m up lets play". I can tell I’m already getting in good shape, I’m down to 185 pounds right now and when playing basketball I was just on fire as far as cardio goes. They were surprised that a "big guy" like me can move so good, I simply said I’m American they just started laughing hahah. Played with some other Pinoy's (Pinoy=Filipino) that weren't members that was fun gained some respect from them so that was good. Hand washed some laundry, killed a rat and that was Monday.

The next day we had to find another apartments for the new sisters missionaries and found one and secured it pretty nice 2 story apartment with 4 rooms so its pretty sweet. Then did some missionary work so good easy day had some rice. The next day however was awesome! Got to go down to Legaspi and see my whole district that was in the MTC with me;  this would be the last time to do this because they are going to split my mission into an entirely different mission due to the growing number of missionaries in the world.

So that was a great time, got to hang around and mess with the Polynesian elders and yeah just plain goof. Afterward we got to take picture of MT. Mayon the volcano in the Legaspi mission sooo sick. Then we got fresh MILK form Pili the city right next to Naga city it was sooooo good! i got Mango flavored milk it was just like a shake almost. it was fresh, creamy, cold and so Masarap! That was good then after we tried to get a bus from the terminal but there were no left so we got food from Mang Inasal, you get a huge slab of grilled chicken and you get all you can eat rice, i got 6 scoops of rice, i was hungry! Then the APs or the assistants to the president drove us to our apartment along with the missionaries that are in Daet Zone. Did that and went to bed full of food.

The next day we had district meeting got to hang out with the missionaries in our district mostly Me. e. Yangyang, E. Ha'o , and E. Siilata that’s was a good time. Took us like an hour to flag down a bus and then an hour to get back home. Makatapos! (Did it!) We just tried to find people to teach lessons to but none fell through.

Next day we got some work in and that was good; one of the young men taught his family who was less active and yeah that was good. Taught Tatay Cordes but this lesson went a little south on us basically he asked a lot of questions and he couldn't answer them right on the spot so we just said well answer them the next time. That night we did a special fast (no food) so we can help Tatay Cordes to get answers to his questions. The next morning we woke up early to watch General Conference;  we got to watch the Prophet and 12 Apostles address the members throughout the world, and they had a lot of really good talks really great inspiring stuff. Pakgatapos (After) we went to the branch president’s house he fed us some pig intestines and soup; it was really good. We went back finished the second part of the Saturday session of General Conference and then slept over in Pampolona because it costs too much and it wastes time going back and forth form Sipocot to Pampolona. Messed around the Pinoys and  didn’t go to bed til like 2am and I slept on concrete so I slept pretty good! Sunday we watched all the session again of General Conference. Then got back took a little rest then taught Tatay Cordes brought some back up; ough Pascual is a funny dude he’s also really a great missionary so we 4 missionaries taught Tatay and answered all of his questions. Tatay is a really educated and smart man but we were able to explain and help him so that lesson was really good. (the fasting helped a lot) and last night we celebrated by having fried rice, eggs and tomatoes.

Killed another giant spider and saw a huge flying cockroach so yeah a good week and woke up early

So yeah hope next week goes good the language is going good improving little by little. I appreciate all the letters and mail from everyone, thank you. Ill talk to you all soon.

Love Elder "Pinoy" Llorens :0

Shout out: Happy Birthday Katie!

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