Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 4 04/08/13

So the highlight of my week was my very first baptism!  We baptized Sister Rexy on Saturday and I got to do the honors, wearing all white like a boss, haha! On Sunday she was confirmed and the spirit was super strong! Estig..

So heres how my week went:

So monday was P-day and got to go to Naga, yes. takes forever to get there it should take like 30 minutess but every 5 mins. the bus pulls over to either drop someone off or to pick someone up, really bugs me and yeah motion sickness is the worst on those things! So we saw our Whole district there Elder Yangyang and Elder  Hao E. Bangal and Elder Saliata funny poly, super chill and cool.We had some of the same MTC teachers and some of them were in  the batch before us that left before us for naga so we knew some of the same people that went to the manila mission so we got to catch up with everyone.   Saw Elder Powell who is about to leave and his companion. We all pitched in money to get a shakeys pizza card, so we can get a buy one get one free deal  always watching the pesos hahaha. Then after we finished eating my whole district all eight of us rode on the same tricey (that was fun),  to the internet shop. I got to ride on the top of it and show off to everyone that I was an Elder so fun, good times. Then we got to the mission office to pick up my Easter package which was awesome! Chevron wanted me to open it there but if I did I knew I wouldn't get anything back home.  Got home and did laundry(hand washed) totally sucks. Went shopping for  food for the whole week then went out searching for an apartment for the new sister missionaries that are going to be assigned to Sipocot next transfer. Found one and its brand new and super nice took some pictures so we can send them to the President to see if he likes them, so we went to the internet shop to email them but it took like 3 hours to just send 8 pictures  ridiculousness but thats the Philippines for you, I'm use to having an iphone and could send a picture in like a second.... what ever I'll survive.

Our investigators: Sister Angelica's cousin is taking lessons with Sister Angelica who has already been baptized. The Cuyog family which was really good they have been inactive for a while. We met with them and got them interested in the church again. The Calayo  family are on and off but we met with sister Calayos brother which was really cool he pretty much opened up to us that we wants to change his life and wants to learn more.We also  taught the Cantiliana family. We met with a lady who was like 65 years old then we met her mother who is 90 years old which is really cool. She can still move around and bend and basically run really good. haha. But we had to hike up a hill to just get there  its not like a hill its more like a small mountain, insane. They feed us fish and the 90 year old lady kept touching me and and like massaging me it was really weird I think its because she finally found out her that I'm form California,  people touch you here if they find out your a foreigner especially from America. She felt my back muscles,LOL. We are also helping to prepare Daryll for his mission. We had family home evening at Sister Benabentes cousin house who is getting ready to go on a mission, its in Tara about 20 mins away then after found out that she lives in the boonies so we had to hike like 3 miles in the jungle at night with no light, rolled my ankle like 5 times because we had to go over rice paddies and if you took your foot off the pathway you would fall in the water. got there drenched in sweat smelling great played games and had some good dinner. Had some "buko" shakes and headed home this time I held the flash light. Then after we finally got a tricey that would take 10 of us back we had to stop like 3 times to get over the hills me and  Elder Finley jumped off and started pushing the tricey from the back to get it up those hills. Manny Paqiao would be proud of my training in the jungle! Then found out that we need to look keep looking for an apartment, I'm going to kill the finance elders,(not really).

A new experience for me, got to ride on the "skates" basically its a transportation system on the old rail road tracks that are here and they are like a wagon but on the railroad tracks pretty cool, they can start to haul so fast of there any decline.

Went back to NAGA for zone trainging, super awesome we showed up late though becuase the stupid bus. Got to see Pickford form my batch Sister Horst and super cool got to make more friends even better. Then after got NAg Inasal got a big thing of free chicken and then yup all you can eat rice, the Poly Elders took advantage of the free rice Hao the hawaiian had like 12 scoops of the free rice . Man he can eat!

Sunday was fast Sunday we had one of our members who is less active who has severe arthritis come and bare his testimony, that was legit. After we taught Sister Reyes with brother Mark who is a Returned Missionary.  We got to play with her children that was fun, they like my pens and flashlight tagalog was really good that lesson , Then stopped by the Benabentes and taught Tatay who isn't a member the whole family are members but him, the spirit was strong there and once again my tagalog was good and    
 then we taught Tatay Kalaw and I saw a kid climb a buko tree and get coconuts like a champ, pretty sick.  We went back on the "skates: to give brother Michael the ward clerk a blessing ,he's sick. Then later taught tatay Cordes about Baptism and the lesson was goin really good and me and Elder Parohinog  got the impression to Commit him to baptism . estig, he said yes and we commited him to be baptized on may 19 so we are going to try and prepare him for that date. Sobrung estig Lesson! 

So my funny/not so funny moment:

We started taking pictures outside the chapel before the baptism,  but all of a sudden i felt itching and pain in my foot  I look down and I see fire ants all over my feet,  got welts on my feet now. hahaha.. So then when we started getting into the baptismal font theres like a dead lizard in there so I got that out of there, that was really funny. good memories were made that day with me and my companion.

Most relaxing moment this week taking a nap on Nanays Benabente hammock ahhh felt soo good..

Looking forward to another awesome week!

Shout out to Rebecca Happy Birthday!
Shout out to all my friends Hope you enjoyed Spring Break!

Till next week..Elder Llorens

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