Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 47 - Baptisms

Week 47
Baptism Day

Okay so its been an awesome week! The reason why my weeks been totally awesome is because we have been teaching this family and some other people and on Saturday the family got baptized. It was just a great feeling to be there and to support them. They are going to now start a long journey and it makes me feel good to be part of that from the beginning. The feeling of the spirit was so powerful! I was standing near one of my favorite kids his name is "Haring" Absalon. He's 14 years old and it is him and his sister , but from the beginning he's been helping us teach people and its been a great experience not only teaching him but learning from him as well as  being his friend. When he was done being confirmed a member he shook my hand and looked me in my eyes... he didn't have to say anything but I felt his thank you. He had tears in his eyes and I felt them come to my eyes as well. The days like these are the ones you can never forget. They are the ones make it  worth while being here in a foreign country.This is my purpose as a missionary to  invite others to come unto Christ. and I hope everyone, someday can feel what I and Absalon felt. But yeah I was pretty excited!  So excited that as we celebrated I put on my Mexican mustache  and started taking pictures with everyone. Great day! 
We also had a lot of awesome food this week. One that is pretty good is jack fruit or in Tagalog... langka. It's pretty delightful, if its done right it tastes like noodles. and we also had this really good fish i think its called "gigiban" something like that. But it was really good it was BBQ'd. But fish is like my favorite now.  There is this thing called kamuting kalhoy and it tastes like potatoes but they have a bunch of farms here that grow it. Basically if they don't have any rice or food they eat this "kamote". It's good.
So I have been just teaching a lot of people this week mostly the people that were baptized to make sure they knew everything before jumping into it. But one day we were at the church teaching a lesson ... it was so freaking hot  then at about 2 o'clock we just see these dark clouds rolling in and when we got done with our appointment at the church it just started to pour so hard, we tried to wait for it to weaken but it just got  harder and harder we didn't have an umbrella because it was really hot. So we got drenched coming home. On Friday we had some fun,we had zone training and I got to see a lot of my friends and talk about our areas and stuff. We also had some transfers but no one in my house got transferred so I'm going to have another transfer with Teitawana and my poly boys. So basically that means we are going to be eating fried chicken and spam for another 6 weeks. My waist line is furious. haha. In other news summer is right around the corner and its starting to suck because now you have to have the fan on you if you want to sleep and if you dont have a fan your are not going to sleep. But besides that now we are just going to be doing the same thing we did this last  transfer. Working ! Cool thing is we are going to be getting 2 new elders tomorrow in the district. So I'll inform you if its anyone I know or anything cool. So the time has come that I have to start getting new shirts because the ones I have  are getting holes in them and are just getting dirty looking. So I'm going to try and buy them here, wish me luck.
 This morning we had a pretty good game of volleyball going on. We should start a team because our basketball team isn't as good as we thought but our volleyball team is pretty good. Basically our ploys are the ones that own it on the court. So its pretty funny when they just spike it on an innocent standbyer who isnt paying attention. It reminds me when Greg in meet the parents spikes it on his sister in law in the pool and gives her a gnarly bloody nose..... just picture a 200 pound Samoan doing that to a 5''4 Filipino.. hahaha classic. But yeah thats been my week. I continue to appreciate everyones emails and great support .... thank you but thats all for now..

Banggi na baga kakan kita

Elder Llorens

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