Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 46 - Pictures

Week 46

So this was a really good week, we got a lot of lessons in with our investigator and I'm basically just having a fun time here in Goa. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with 
Elder Relf (I trained him) so that was super cool we got to be companions again and basically it felt like old times. I think the best part was us waiting for a less active so we are waiting outside his house and Elder Relf told me, that if you look inside, his walls are just covered in bikini calenders I didn't believe him so I looked and its true. haha! So we waited a long time to talk to him, so the restaurant  we were going to closed so like usual we got we had to scramble for food..we ended up having noodles, some brownie snacks, mountain dew, some mango tarts and tuna and yumm that was a great dinner. Reminded me of our Naga days. At least we didn't eat fried chicken haha. So that was fun, then we stayed up talking about life and had some laughs. The next day we came back and worked and got a lot of lessons in. Then we had district meeting, and after we ate some fried chicken LOL but since some of the elders are pretty good at cooking they made this really good sauce and I swear this sauce could have been served at buffalo wild wings. Super good.So the fried chicken was delightful..with the sauce.

 Some of the cool things that happened this week: We are preparing for 4 baptisms  on this coming Friday  so we are really excited for that. On Saturday I went on exchanges with some other Elders in my apartment and I got to go to the beach. One of the less actives literally lives like 5 feet from the shore and when we went he was telling me how crazy the super typhoon was. He said all of the wood houses which are made out of sticks and banana leaves were all destroyed but since his house was made out of concrete only half of it got ruined. Super crazy. It felt nice to take my shoes off though and walk on the beach.  The wind was nice. When we were just chillen we saw a pretty legit looking fin out in the water and we were trying to debate shark or dolphin.. I hope it was a dolphin. Sunday I got to go into Goa again to give another baptismal interview so that was fun.  I got to hang out and talk to one of the other Elders he's getting ready to go back home next week and so I was just chatting with him. I also ran into one of the other members from Naga and he told me that they finally got a group started in my last area and that Sunday was their first service, I was pretty ecstatic for that. We were trying so hard to get a group started but they were waiting for the new year to make it  happen, so I'm glad they finally got it together.  Today we played some volleyball at the church it reminded me off the MTC when I would play it everyday, now its not so intense but its still pretty fun and relaxing. Now Im here in the internet shop emailing everyone and saying hi. As for the weather its gotten way hot, super uncomfortable now. Last week it was cold, now its hot and humid again so we are getting ready for summer.

 Funny thing I got a pretty weird obsession now with lizards and now I like to catch and hold them.Last night I caught one and I was just throwing it on my roommates.. pretty funny because they were freaking out! For a bunch of Polynesians they were freaking out a lot over a little lizard hahaha. Cool thing now our investigators have been teaching me some bicol words. So I am starting to understand  bicol , I'll try studying it. I think it would be cool to speak both Tagalog and Bicol when talking to people.  They get such a  kick out of it when I speak Bicol to them. I'll master like 1 sentence in bicol and use it then they would just start talking to me and I'm like I have no idea what you just said hahaha. But now im pretty confident with my Tagalog I still got a ways to go, but now I can basically speak to anyone and not feel uncomfortable. So thats whats been happening with me. Next Tuesday and this Saturday we find out about transfers. I'm pretty sure im not going to be transferred. I just got here but i think Elder Teitawana my companion is going to be transferred. SO thats always exciting a get to have a new companion again.; So thank you again to all who have sent me emails I love hearing from you. I miss you all and can't wait to hear from you all again.

Active Volcano

kitakits sa susunod

Love Elder Llorens

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