Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 45- Officially 1 down 1 to go

Week 45

okay sooo I am now a hundred percent positive that I have 1 year in the mission field. Pretty crazy, this day last year I was officially set apart as a missionary. And than tomorrow I took my flight to Provo. It's funny because I have been writing in a  journal for the last year and I was reading last night how scared I was and so unsure of myself.  I was also remembering the  last meal I had before I entered the MTC and it was the most delicious thing ever. Went to a place called Texas road house and I had a bacon cheese burger with cheese fries and they had these cheese rolls and it was just glorious. anyways I was getting a little carried away there. Funny, when you are In the MTC for 1 1/2 months how much you want to get out of that there and when you are actually in the field you want to go home hahaha. Yeah I miss the cold weather,  the food and just looking at white people.  I am super grateful with the decision that I made to come here. I know I would just probably be doing very little if I were home going to  school and nothing else really important... maybe just screwing around getting in trouble. Glad I'm hear learning how to serve others. 

But some cool stuff happened this week. We got another investigator and he's got a baptismal date, its actually one of the sons of the people we had been teaching. Some other pretty cool things is I bought one of those Asian looking straw hats they kind of look like a cone hat anyways its legit. This week has been hot ,cold, windy and rainy  but what sucked was Saturday night there was a  brown out all the way til Sunday afternoon, and all the water is hooked up to an electric pump so when there is no electricity you have no water so basically that happened but luckily we got a also have a manual water pump in the backyard so we did some bathing by using the pump hahaha. My greatest laugh this week is when I was going to buy some food we saw on the T.V. Justin Bieber getting arrested. Pretty classic. That was good but we had another dinner appointment again on Friday and it of course is one of our furthest areas and when its after 8 o'clock there's no tricy on the way back so yeah guess what, we walked that baby back, almost 2 hours later I came in and collapsed on my bed. But it was a pretty good day, that was actually yesterday. While  we were waiting for one of our investigators  what I thought I could do is kill some time by taking pictures. And there were like 8 little boys or "aki"s messing around and being kids basically. So what I did is we had a photo competition of who can do the best picture pose. It was pretty dumb but it was funny watching them see how cool a camera was and they were all fighting over who could take a picture and stuff but it was pretty classic.Then again  I got to take my shoes off and get my feet wet and muddy. Than after we walked  through all of these rice fields to one of our appointments. That was a pretty neat experience.

 But yeah I am starting to get a little stressed I got my haircut like a couple of days ago and I got bad news... the barber was asking me if I get stressed and stuff because he told me I had like 2 white hairs in my blind spot in the back of my head. So I am going to have to get some tweezers and hire some heavy guns to get those little son of a guns out. But I was wondering also if I have been out  one year  I must look must be looking older.  So I was looking through some pictures and I still got an ugly mug so I guess I look the same. So that was a little disappointing. In like 4 months its my 20th birthday so thats going to be pretty tight. maybe by than I'll look a little bit older. But what's important is me having a good time here and working hard. Oh and  one more thing went to crap. I lost like all my pictures of everything this week and some from my previous areas so I am a little ticked about that .I specifically picked this computer shop because I knew I could send pictures home,as soon as I was going to send a picture it basically told me there's nothing there on that file.  I almost lost it! Technology ugh! This morning was fun we played some basketball and after we made some adobo chicken basically one of my favorite foods. But I cant make it but the Filipino Elders know how to make it so I basically don't give them an option and I just make them make it for me. Pretty excited this week I get to go on exchanges with my "anak", Elder Relf so we get to be companions again. Beside that my life is the same… Keep the emails about your lives coming Thanks!!!!  anyways gotta go!!!! salamat ulit!!!!
POGI Elder Llorens 

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