Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 43 The spider slayer

Week 43

So in about a 2  weeks I have officially been out a year in the mission field.  Can you believe it? So to start out this week  we did our laundry on Monday then on Tuesday when we were bringing in our pants that were hanging out to dry the fun began..  my companion was about to put his pants in his closet when I saw something moving on them and when he stopped a giant spider came out guns blazing running all  over the place.  This spider was as big as my hand!

So... I got the Permetherine to try and kill it... it stopped for about a minute and absorbed the poison like it was  lemonade. So I was forced to bring in the big guns so I got out my huge knife..."itak" to chop up the son of a gun... I won. So yeah now i am a little paranoid again.

 My back is messed up as well because I sleep on a broken bed frame so to counter balance the weight I put a dirty pillow underneath the matress but needless to say I am in need of a chiropractor and a good massage! So on Thursday we had a little exciting day we got a got a new Elder E. Feiloagia... American Samoan so now there are  3 Polynesians in the house and they still think I am part Maori LOL So they think its 4 but yeah.... they are cool I love my companion he's always doing something funny to make me laugh.

 But all of Thursday we worked with 3 elders so we were just messing around all day when we went to out appointments. But we got a lot done. We also picked up our district basketball jerseys they are legit.

So friday was the longest day of my life I had to go to Naga for a workshop so I woke up at 6 and got on the bus and took the 2 hour bus ride ended up getting motion sick and I had to sit in on a forever long meeting.  After the meeting  I had to bring a new elder to our area so I had to help haul all of his suitcases and I had to sit on the long bus ride again and than when we finally get home the other elders said we had  a dinner appointment so I'm pumped, so we get to the house and the nanay is like I didn't know you guys were coming over... so we walked 2 hours to get home because there is no other transportation. So my back is killing more and now I'm hungry, we have no food and there are no stores open to buy food so that was the worst day. But the teaching this week was amazing we got 3 new investigators this week and 1 baptismal date and we got a couple of less actives to come to church so that was really awesome. So I'm glad that I am now at the one year mark in  my mission because now I can see what I did well and correct the mistakes I made and now its down hill. My  dad basically explained it's like you just got done playing the 1st and 2nd quarter its half time and this is where you draw up a new game plan and get it together. But thank you to all for the emails and packages they are awesome. and I hope everyone is having a good week.
Elder Llorens

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