Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 42 - New Area

Week 42 

Well now I'm here in Goa Zone which is about a 2 hour, horrible bus ride from Naga. And  I'm also  a District leader so I'm in Charge of 12 other missionaries including myself so yeah pretty cool. My new companion Is Elder Teitawana and he's so cool he's from Kiribati pronounced "Kiribis" so yeah I got another awesome Polynesian Companion.  Our apartment or better call it a  house cuz it is, is awesome.. 2 story and yeah you betcha we got some big spiders again haha!  Being outside of Naga city is so cool the people are super humble.  So in Naga in my other pictures I was facing Mt. Isarog now I'm on the back side of the Mountain and it's so beautiful here it reminds me of Buhi my second area. But  the other Elders in the house are super cool as well, Elder Losaki he's my Tongan friend and Elder Boquil he's my Ilicano friend. But yeah I think its funny that I have had more Polynesian Companions than Filipinos.And  I love the POLYS they teach me important words so I'm pretty much Fluent hahaha they are my good friends and maybe someday I'll go visit them in the Islands.  My district is cool Elder Su'a he's my Samoan Friend. Elder Mariano he's my Mindano friend. Elder Grospe hes another Ililcano friends and Sister Horst she was in  my batch at the MTC and her companion Sister Alibogha and of course Elder Llorando who is leaving home after this transfer (6 weeks) he's also a good friend, we were in the same Zone during our Iriga days. I know it seems weird me telling you where they are all from but isn't it interesting how many different cultures are thrown together?

 But yeah the area is great first day we went out looking for people and forgot that  its not Naga city and after 6:30pm there are no tricy's sooo we had to walk an hour and a half to get home! So yeah my back is killing me. But cool thing is that we gave 4 baptismal invitation this week and we had an Less active come to church and shes has never come before. Npw that I am a district leader I have to give workshops to the other missionaries every week and I have to help solve any issues we are having in our area.  I'm so glad I have a bunch of missionaries that I like!
Our New Years night was soo Crazy everyone had fireworks so every second ...WOOOSHH... so we couldnt go to bed so we stayed up and watched all of the fireworks til they stopped. I also bought myself a hammock. Nothing too special but yeah its amazing. Kanina we all went to Goa and played some basketball and that was tight we had foreigners vs. Filipino's ..... they got beaten... But yeah this has been such a sick week so far the members are so cool too. First night we had some members feed us some good food and we had fun laughing making jokes. But yeah but the best  is hanging out with Elder Teitawana and Elder Losaki at home. We just laugh eat and play volleyball and they teach me bad I mean important  words hahaha.But yeah I am definitely enjoying my time here in San Jose, Goa. Super awesome and I can tell a lot of good is going to happen here. Thank you all for the nice emails its always good to here from you and I hope you all have a good New year.
Elder "POGI" Llorens

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