Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 44 Rain Rain go away

Week 44

Sorry for no pictures this dumb computer shop can't read my card reader. This has been a very busy week. First off on Wednesday I had a zone confrence with our Mission President and we discussed some things with our zone and then we had a really good devotional. It's been raining like crazy this whole week! So much for the rainy season coming to an end. Right after our zone conference we (all the missionaries) went to  withdraw money  because we were all running low on support for this week  just try to imagine like 20 or 30 missionaries withdrawing money at the same time from  1 of the 3 atm machines in the whole city ....people were looking at us like we just robbed the bank. LOL  While we were waiting we were talking to some other missionaries and we were making fun of one sister missionary because she just bought an umbrella and she opened it and it broke... and guess what happened to mine not more than 3 minutes after she left, yup sira na ang payong ko haha. So that really sucked its like my 3rd umbrella... and so later that day I was able to  interview  a person who wanted to get baptized( this is one of my new responsibilities) and that was such a neat experience being able to be one on one with someone baring their testimony to what the missionaries have taught them. Unfortunately, one of the investigators that I was teaching left for Manila, so that was a bummer but we were able to get his info and give it   to the missionaries in the Manila mission so hopefully they will contact him. On Friday I got to work in the Tigaon area with one of our zone leaders while we were on exchanges temporarily. That was cool being able to go to different area but I like my area the best.  The next day we came back and we got to attend and watch the baptism that one of the  other elders did. The work is moving forward. And then right after we got to go to Goa and watch the Area Presidency speak to us about our goals and what we accomplish is the 2013 year and what we need to do in the year 2014. There have been an a ton of amazing things that have happened in the Philippines even tough there was a huge earthquake and a several hurricanes. I'm so glad to be here and wouldn't change any of it. But it was weird talking to other missionaries saying what our plans are for after the mission. Basically school and work. But its going to be strange when I come home, I will miss it here. But you are probably wanting to hear something funny I don't think its funny. But I have about 31 mosquitoes or spider bites and they are the worse. Down stairs we don't have window screens and only half of the windows upstairs have screens. So yeah I have been waking up pretty early because my feet itch  I think I  might be a little allergic because they freaking hurt like you know what. But its cool I'll live. Later today we have a lesson with a potential investigator so this should be good we are working with one of our current investigators so hopefully that will help move things along.  Thanks for all who e-mailed you are all awesome, they definitely make me happy knowing that everyone is doing good back home. I love you all I'll see you later.

Mahuhuli na ako    < thats bicol but dios mabalos sa indo gabos < bicol also haha (No translation)

Elder pogi Llorens take care all.

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