Friday, January 3, 2014

Week 41 - Finally Christmas

Week 41

This week was a really great week. I  finally talked to my parents and opened all my presents  from my friends and family. But the highlight was Skyping my family! So first off on Monday we went to a members house and he fed us some good fried Chicken and we ended up playing some games with his family, we played Black Magic for all of you who know how to play. Than for Christmas eve we went to a really nice family that are somewhat wealthy and we had again more good fried chicken  also this Chinese thing here called Lumpia its really good its basically a egg roll and we had some spaghetti as well. We were full!  but not too full for fun... I got some cool fireworks and we shot some off on the top of our roof and basically stayed up having a good time and just talking and messing  around. So the next day it was a little harder to wake up but I did, and I got to open all my presents, finally and they were all great!  I really enjoyed all the food, clothes , pictures  and fun toys everyone sent me.  I had a good time opening them up and showing everyone else. We eventually went out to members houses and than we went to another house to eat food and we had good fried Chicken there as well so yeah it was nice!!!  Do you see a pattern?? Fried Chicken is considered a special meal here! LOL

Then the next day we woke up ad left the house at 7:30 to get at the computer shop because when we asked and they said they opened at 8:00 in the morning, we get there and wait til 9:30 and no luck, so I was a little ticked but it ended up okay I called home and got to talk to everyone in  my family and my Nana but it was weird to see how everyone has changed. But everyone seems to be doing good. I got a lot of email from people so thank you tons. And I got another present for Christmas I ran into one of the members from my first area in Sipocot and she told me that she was here with the one Sister I baptized so I got to see Sister Rexy and its been almost a year and she's still active and she's still roommates with sister Jessa and they moved out of their old apartment and they moved closer to the church so that was such a good experience and plus they got me Spaghetti. It was funny i was talking to sister Jessa during the Skype my mom and dad heard me speak Tagalog and they were like did you understand her and did she understand you? so that was funny, their jaws literally dropped. So then we went out and helped some people with stuff. Next day was our last district meeting so we said our goodbyes took pictures... no silly string this time and we went to the Sm and waited for Mang Inasal with a  ton of people, while I was waiting I bought some Chocolate covered raisins. I shared some with a sister but I didnt tell her that it was raisins and I find out she is allergic... almost killed her... but nothing happened and she spit them out, but it was funny. Than I got some Mexican food. I found this Mexican place here called Mexicali and I'm like perfect ,I am Mexicali, and it was good. I got Pollo Asado. I spent some cash on that meal. Than on Saturday night I found out that I'm  officially transferred out of the city and most likely going back to the jungle boonies and maybe pumping water again. But thats exciting! So all of yesterday we went out  to members homes to say good byes but I'll be able to say more later tonight because we have a late church Christmas party so we are probably going to eat more fried chicken and some other good food. But yeah I have had a blast here in this area and met a lot of great people and I'll never forget it. But  tonight I have to start packing and that's going to suck!  I just got a lot of food and presents and I have to some how make it work, But im excited for tomorrow I get to meet my new Companion and see my new area so should be fun.  Thank you all for who sent me things or wished me a Merry Christmas. I Hope you all have a great week and A happy new Year!!!!!  
One Year Left!!!!
Elder "Pogi" Llorens

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